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How to Get Free Riot Points on League of Legends

Use our League of Legends Riot Points Generator working for 2017. It will hack servers to generate an authentic free RP card code that will work on all servers and regions. Get all the skins, champions and runes for free. Press the “Generate” button below and use the online LoL RP generator while it lasts ! Dominate your opponents with all the runes for free by using the online hack !
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What are Riot Points used for ?

Riot Points are a currency in the League of Legends PC game. They can be bought with real life money to then buy skins, champions, runes, and way more. With Riot Points, it’s easy to look way cooler than everyone else and to be able to play every champion and customize them with the best skins. There are so many things you can do with Riot Points that having an unlimited amount of them seems almost surreal. It is every League of Legends player’s dream. This is why we are bringing to you a way to generate free Riot Points on League of Legends ! Wait a bit while we tell you how to use our online generator.

Step-by-Step Guide to get your Free Riot Points:

1. Click on the “Generate” button above.

2. Enter your Summoner Name in the field.

3. Choose your desired  amount of Riot Points.

 4. Press the “Generate”button.

5.  Wait for the generation to be finished then press on “SEE MY CODE”.

6. Complete the human verification process and GET YOUR CODE!

7. Redeem your Code on the League of Legends Client, ENJOY !

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How to use the LoL RP Generator ?

This video will show you how to use our League of Legends Riot Points Generator to get free riot points on League of Legends. It is updated and working for 2017. You will be able to generate free RP codes with the generator. This LoL RP Generator works perfectly on ALL League of Legends Servers and it is updated for the latest patch and client. Our Riot Points Generator is very easy to use. In the video, we are using it to generate a free RP card code and as you could see it worked perfectly. You just have complete the offer and you will be redirected to the page with the unlocked RP code. LoL RP Generator 2017 is very good because it requires no download, so it is 100% virus free. Share this with your friends and we will update this League of Legends RP Hack continuously !

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What do I do with the League of Legends Riot Points Codes ?

Once you use the online generator, you will have a unique free RP code that you can redeem on the League of Legends Online client. Just go on the prepaid cards section, and redeem it there. Your riot points will automatically be added onto your account. If you encounter any problem, message us and we will reply and solve your problem as quick as we can !

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the codes work on ALL servers ?

Yes, the codes should work on ALL servers and ALL regions.

Is this tool safe to use ? I am afraid of being banned from the game.

The developers guarantee 100% safety of your account while you are using this tool. It has been tested extensively and so far no accounts were banned from using it.

Why do I have to complete a survey ?

These surveys are put in place to stop bots from flooding our site. Without these, our site would have been taken down a long time ago. We know that completing one of them can be annoying and frustrating but we promise it won’t take any longer than 5 minutes of your time. We are sad to say that this human verification process is the only way we can stop 100% of all the bots that come to us. Don’t worry, we’re working on another way to do so, but for now this is the only one. Thank you for your understanding.

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